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Advanced Wash System

We are not your typical car wash. We strive to deliver exceptional customer service and use the most advanced express wash system in the industry. Our cleaning products and state of the art equipment are designed to clean, dry, shine and protect your car every time!

Good for Your Car and Good for the Planet

We use only the highest quality cleaning solutions to gently wash your car. Our eco-friendly products remove the stubborn dirt from your car while protecting its finish. We are proud to say that we recycle 90% of the water used in every wash!

Designed to Clean and Protect

Our Express Wash bay is 120 feet in length. That means more wash equipment and more time to clean your car. Our closed-cell cleaning foam and high lubricity wash process deliver a shine that is 2nd to none!

Spot Free Rinse Every Time

The water we use is specially treated through a reverse osmosis filter system that produces pure water. Our pure water rinses your car clean of soap residue and produces a spot free rinse every time! Any water drops remaining will evaporate spot free because of our treated final rinse.

Discount Wash Packs are seasonal and may not always be available for purchase

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Nice clean car with full wash prep to remove mud, bugs and ice.

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Nice clean car with full wash prep + 4-step wheel cleaning.

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Clean car + Clean wheels + Triple Foam Shine & WeatherShield Protection.

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Features Exclusive Body Armor + RainX Ultimate Protectant with Clean Wheels & Shiny Tires.