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Getting Started

fundraising for childrens sports
Mirror Image Car Wash is committed to supporting our local communities. We have developed a fast, simple and highly effective program to help your organization reach its fundraising goals. The success of this program is simple, you are giving your supporters something of value…a great car wash!

  1. Request a fundraising event by providing your organization’s contact info in the form below.
  2. Your organization will pre-sell Mirror Image gift cards and collect money from your supporters. At the time of sale, your supporters will receive their gift card.
  3. Your organization is given 2–3 weeks to sell gift cards.
  4. Any unsold gift cards will be returned to Mirror Image along with payment after the fundraiser. You will pay Mirror Image 50% of the gift card sales plus sales tax. You will keep the remainder of the money collected for your organization.

The Breakdown between Your Organization and Mirror Image Car Wash

  • Total SalesGift Cards SoldOrganization CollectsOrganization ReceivesPay to Mirror Image
  • $251 Card$25$11.68$13.32
  • $50020 Cards$500$233.60$266.40
  • $100040 Cards$1000$467.20$532.80
  • $150060 Cards$1500$700.80$799.20
  • $200080 Cards$2000$934.40$1065.60

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